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Song Recording I Reach For You

"I Reach For You" is one of the songs that will always represent one of the best experiences I've had as a recording artist. The whole process that made this song come to life was meaningful and I will always cherish. I had arrived in the US recently after being a...

Guitar Recording

One of the processes that I enjoy the most is guitar recording. When I started the process of producing, learning how to record guitars  was one of the things that surprised me the most because it's much more complex then it would seem. First Approach There are so...

Song Recording: Vocal Tips

Professional recording of vocals for a song is a very meticulous but fun process. Producers and engineers have to have their ear really tuned into what is happening with the song which requires in many cases to have a copy of the lyrics or sometimes having a vocal...

Starting tips for new recording artists

So let's sat you’re a new artists and you really made the decision to start recording and you want to get your foot into the music industry. Where to start? If you look at the world today, the competition in the field of music is so large that just by going on YouTube...

Orginizing your songs music files

In today's recording craft it happens most often than not that a song is recorded in different places, you may have recorded the base with one musician at their studio, but then you may have recorded the drums at another professional studio and so forth, nowadays the...

Spanish Rock, Whose Listening?

Spanish rock is one of the few musical genres that have started to obtain a major boost in the past few years, especially in Europe but also overseas as well. One has to wonder though, why should you listen to Spanish rock and are there any reasons why you should do...

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I reach for you

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