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Daniel Music is a website that brings any passionate music lover into the experiences, music, opinions,  and recommendations of an artist for whom music represents one of the most important aspects of his life.


 Daniel Zapata is an independent artist whose love for music has made him dive into the industry by his own means and after many years of dedication, struggle, hard work and enormous effort’s now shares with us his talents and the music that he has created 



Album In My Dreams, produced by 6 time latin grammy award winner Iker Gastaminza, version in English and in spanish

Not an overnight story, hard work for a long time

For an indi artist each song takes careful time and planning due to the fact that budgets have to be carefully used, so each song has a lot of time and energy, contrary to what it may seem, three minutes of music can sometimes take years to record.




In this website you will find articles on Daniels experiences with Grammy award-winning producer’s musicians and all the recommendations that Daniel is anxious to share with anyone who loves and has passion for music, for new artists Who wish to find a home and need some type of guidance and would like to save time and money by learning through someone else’s experience for whatever it can be of service and to anyone who wants a place to escape and read articles about music, how it’s made how songs are created and everything that can enrich someone’s musical and artistic perspective



In Daniel Music you will also be able to find tour dates, new song releases not only of Daniel’s music, but of artists which Daniel supports and loves, his opinions on music and articles are recordings music videos releases and everything that can make us come closer our continuous passion for music.


So please do not hesitate to comment on our blog and let us know your opinions, what you think is important to us we look to hear from you and we are very happy to have you as part of this musical journey of creation of love of unity in music.

And above Everything we hope you enjoy the music!

In My Dreams Album by Daniel Zapata

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