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The idea of the album In My Dreams was born in the year 2000. We many times believe artists are hitting a stroke of good luck, but in most cases it takes a long time, dedication and hard work to take a project to fruition.








The album “In My Dreams” is a story, a journey through the everyday life of a Dreamer, a lover of new experiences and of the power of love. Like it’s happened to many of us, when we finally find that dreamed , special someone, unfortunately circumstances don’t allow us to reach them and we loose that opportunity. The emptiness and the pain in our chest becomes more intense every second, fear and doubt governs us to only leave us in darkness; Only to realize that when we are able to come out of that hole, we are reborn, we feel improved, more alive and thirsty of new hopes and dreams. This is the story of the Album “In My dreams” told by the singer/songwriter from one song to the next.







Produced by 6 Time Latin Grammy award winner Iker Gastaminza, “In My Dreams” brings together the outstanding Talent of industry professionals like Lee Levin (, well known Multi Grammy Award winner on the drums,  Julio Hernandez (Multi Grammy award winner on the base), Mike Couzzi ( 11 Time Grammy award winning Engineer who Mastered the album, Alejandro Garcia, Grammy award winner on the Guitars and many other extremly talented Musicians and Grammy award winners like Pablo Mannavello, Camilo Valencia  who made sure to make the album a rich musical experience and a outstanding musical work of art.


All songs written by Daniel Zapata (BMI)


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In My Dreams Album by Daniel Zapata

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