Daniel Leonardo Zapata Varona was born on June 13 in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. Daniel’s musical influences began at an early age thanks to his parents love for music, specially his mother who is a singer of “Boleros”. Daniel lived in between New York, Miami and Colombia due to his parents work, also as artists, which contributed to his knowledge of various languages ​​and multicultural growth. At age 12, Daniel began lessons in classical guitar, which stimulated him to compose his own songs. A few years afterwards, he began learning  everything needed to become a recording artist where he meets producers that guide the work on vocal technique, dance, music theory and music software. At age 20 he released his first album titled “Your Name” with 4 songs in English and 4 in Spanish,  a time considered of great theoretical and practical musical enrichment . Thanks to the welcome this work received from the public and Daniels direct involvement in the production, Daniel was hired by other artists for the production and direction of their albums, including the Artist Juan David Lopez with his first album “Mi Propuesta” with singles that reached top spots in Puerto Rico like the song “Como el Día Antes”.  Daniel’s second album, a bilingual project titled “In My Dreams”,began it’s pre-production with Colombian talents such as: Juan Esteban Duque, Jairo Jimenez, David Orion, Nicolas Guevara Alejandro Vargas and Camilo Posada. Daniel then traveled to Miami to complete the production of the album under the supervision of 6 time Latin Grammy award winning producer Iker Gastaminza who involved many multi- Grammy award winning artists in the project like Lee Levin, Julio Hernandez, Alejandro Garcia, Yasmil Marrufo, Pablo Manavello, Camilo Valencia, Mike Couzzi and many others who made ​​their contribution to the songs on the album. Composer of over 200 original songs, guitarist and producer of 5 albums, his current passion and dedication is to the art of music, guitar, singing and dancing as an artist/entertainer, along with co-producer and music executive, these activities combining with another of his great passions, Kung Fu, martial art practiced for 26 years. He is currently based in Miami, where he continues to invest in his artistic career growth.

In My Dreams Album by Daniel Zapata

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