¿Have you ever wanted to express something to someone you care for but the words don’t seem to be enough so you rather just stay quiet and show them with your actions?

I had written “In my Dreams” and after several months I got together with one of my good friends David Orion, one of the best piano players and guitarists I know, he liked in my dreams very much but we both knew that just one song would not be enough for an album, so we sat down to write, David came up with a set of chords and a piano arrangement I really liked, so we chose that to be tha base for the next song and I was in charge of writing a melody and lyrics over it.

When you are co-writing a song with someone there are many ways on how it can happen this was just the case for this particular song. David and other musician friends and producers had already given me the debriefing of how “In My Dreams” didn’t have any repetitive phrases, etc, so my focus on Everyday was to make a song that clearly repeated itself and had a Hook.

I had begun a relationship with a new girlfriend at the time and she was always telling me I had moments of silence that she didn’t know what I was going thru and felt frustrated, I guess artists have moments where we shut off from the world and travel, or sometimes incidents from life are something you carry on our own and don’t want to have anyone you love carry that weight with you, in my case my sisters loss and the separation of my parents and many deaths in the family in a short amount of time made me go thru moments of sadness and I chose to carry that on my own, but that never meant I didn’t love her.

So I thought that was something good to talk about for my next song, For this reason you can hear in the song “If silence speaks between us, my heart keeps on loving you, all I do is for you, even if I don’t always say what I’m feeling”
I didn’t want to make it just about myself, I wanted a song that everyone could relate to, dedicate. So I wrote the chorus:

“Everyday I love you, wish I could give you a star wrapped in winds of the ocean, the time that lasts forever, all I want is, Everyday to be part of your smile, to make songs, only for you, I never want to see you sad, just let me try”

If you check it out, the chorus can be dedicated to almost anyone even a spiritual higher power. This is called universal lyrics in songwriting.

So some important things came together in my songwriting experience with “Everyday:

– It was the first song I co-wrote
– I did my best to incorporate a hook or repetitiveness, staying true still to my form of writing
– I related it to a personal situation
– I looked for it to be part of my story.

I always liked the band AC/DC so the main theme in the intro guitars was that kind of mood, I also incorporated a little of “The Fray” Vibe with the piano and a little more “Police” at the end, “Everyday” is definitely one of the songs I still enjoy listening to very much, When you grow up listening to Bon Jovi “ In these arms” and that style of songs this type of song definitely makes the cut.

One of the coolest parts of recording “Everyday” was in the production phase when one of our friends Nicolas Guevara, an awesome drummer played the drums and gave the song a whole new turn, if you listen to it will go thru different rhythmic patterns that afterwards where recorded by Lee Levin one of the best drummers and known worldwide.

So “Everyday” in the story of the album is the song that starts the whole story , if you can picture the main character just observing life, love relationships, and the day to day of our interactions with one another, that is what Everyday is singing about, I hope you enjoy this song and that it engages you to continue listening to the rest of the album.

I wish you all the best !

Daniel Zapata

In My Dreams Album by Daniel Zapata

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