It was an honor to assist La musa Awards Latin songwriters hall of fame master class, this time we got to hear from the experience of a great couple of up and coming young singer songwriters Mau y Ricky Montaner, sons of the very known superstar latin singer Ricardo Montaner, Superstar latin producer Motiff, and the Master Producer of all time the Salsa legend and Hit Maker Sergio George.



Master Class Teachers Rudy Perez, Motiff, Sergio George, Mau y Ricky

Master Class Teachers


 The master class was directed by one of my mentors Superstar producer and music legend Rudy Perez, and so many awesome personalities from the music buisness were present like songwriter producer Alfredo Matheus Diaz, that you could feel the incredible vibe that was present in the class.


Rudy Perez and Daniel Zapata

Rudy Perez and Daniel Zapata

Other attendees were from Universal and Sony Music, one of the top music promotors and Managers Jeff Young president of the venetian marketing group.

The master class was in a space created by Youtube and we began listening to a conference by some of the youtube members of the development of youtube in protecting songwriters rights, of how youtube is creating digital fingerprints of music in order to detect music an d pay out to the correct songwriters and publishing companies a very interesting conference specially if you are a singer/songwriter and have your youtube channel

Once the master class began, Rudy made an introduction of the speakers, and for anyone who didn’t know who they were they immediately recognized their work.

Mau y Ricky are great singers songwriters themselves, they have recently gained recognition as songwriters for the smash hit of Ricky Martin with Raeggueton singer Maluma “Vente Pa aca” .

They first mentioned about their experience writing the song and how they came up with it sitting in coach on the plane in the back, they expressed how they wanted to show with verbal imagery something that has been said before but in a different way. I guess the best lesson with them was that when you strive to make something and have an idea for it, wherever you are, on a plane bus or sitting at home, you can make that idea possible if you are willing to put in the time and the work. Great to meet these two talents and to learn from them and see how the song they wrote on an airplane today has Millions of hits on youtube and is sang by a world known superstar Ricky Martin.


Mau y Ricky and Daniel Zapata

Mau y Ricky

You can download the single by clicking on the following link to support Mau and Ricky as songwriters


Motiff was a very nice guy, you can tell he is very artistic from the moment you meet him, he is an incredible musician and is know one of the hottest latin producers in the market. His latest production “La Gozadera” by Marc anthony and Gente de Zona has become a latin anthem and has played worldwide. The two main ideas I would like to mention from what he shared was first the importance of preparation, I liked what he said that, before he became a known producer he prepared, so when he was “called to bat” after many years he delivered a great song reminding us that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. The second thing he made emphasis on is the importance of collaborating in the studio, he mentioned that great songs in todays era come from a collaboration of people that want to deliver something great. The importance of being open to listen to other musicians and producers ideas, and at the same time sticking with your “gut” when you feel something is great.




So I am leaving the best for last because to mention how great a producer Sergio George is it would take much more than this article, he has been Marc Anthony’s main producer and thanks to his vision we have danced to so many latin super hits.

Sergio Mentioned that he initially did not want to get into music, his passion was for baseball, but do to the fact that he broke his wrist he could not pursue his baseball practice so he got into Music, at the moment it would seem like an unfortunate event, but that became a huge blessing in the future because thanks to that, he has created Mega Hit productions, and helped artists reach the top of their careers. So the first thing we learned from Sergio is to never underestimate the positive outcome of what may seem a negative event.

The Second thing Sergio mentioned was how he didn’t know how to dance quite well, but that he could remember when he was living in Medellin Colombia how people would get up and dance to a certain tune in a bar in “la Setenta” and how his focus when he made music was to create songs for people to get up and dance to. Something so small but that can make such a huge difference when producing a song.

The third aspect I want to mention was Sergio’s climb in the music industry. He mentioned how it took him 10 years to get his first important gig in production an 17 years after that he got his first recognition in the way he had initially envisioned. This shows young artists and producers who believe the climb to the top is quick and easy that its not, very few cases are overnight hits, most real life cases require hard work and perseverance to make it to the top.

Last Sergio mentioned how record labels have changed their screening process to find new talent, nowadays labels do not take risks and develop artists like before, now artists have to make a name for themselves and once social media “says” that they are good with millions of youtube views, twitter, Facebook, Instagram and snapchat followers, then labels will look to consider to make an investment in that artist.

Some of Sergios mega hits include Marc Anthony’s recent hit single “Vivir mi Vida” but he has produced so many hit songs that the list would just go on and on. To hear from Sergios experience was a definite honor as well as from all the other Masters who attended the Master class for the latin songwriters hall of fame

A beautiful story that came up in the conference that I would like to mention was that Alfredo Matheus was living with his parents after a divorce and he wrote the song “Que Precio Tiene el Cielo” and showed it to Sergio George, when Sergio showed it to Marc Anthony he liked it, so Alfredo got the news and he asked Sergio,”Ok so what do you and Marc want for the song, publishing, etc” something normal when superstars decide to sing your song and Sergio replied, “Nothing, take the money and buy yourself a home” a beautiful gesture from Sergio and not very common that shows you that success and humanity can go hand in hand.

As I said, an honor and blessing to learn from Sergio and his experience in his master class


Master Sergio George

Sergio George

Thanks to superstar producer Rudy and his vision for “La Musa” award these great experiences are possible for artists like me who are on the rise. I hope you enjoyed our article and please do not hesitate to leave us a comment.


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