Miguel Bose is one of the artists I like since I can remember, when I was 3 years old I would grab the vinyl of his album and play “Amante Bandido” over and over again, growing up I imitated his voice because I enjoyed its tone.

Even though you will find your vocal color as an artist as time moves forward, growing up you explore many types of vocal techniques and intentions and imitating the artists you like definitely helps in becoming better at controlling your voice.

One of my good friends in music that began his process as a producer almost at the same time as I began as an artist is one of the best producers I currently know called Juan Esteban Duque, he had been studying music and classic guitar for some time and he was the one I originally began the production of “In My Dreams”. He had made a track with some keyboards to write a song over it and handed it to me.

When I listened to the track I loved it because it had a very Miguel Bose vibe to it, so I began writing the melody and the lyrics of “My Reason”. I still had a big crush on the girl I had written In My dreams for, and in my story after “Your Touch” which was when I saw the Women of my dreams for the first time I imagined her asking “Why do you feel this way about me?” so “My Reason” became the song to give the answer to that question.

In the past songs, “Everyday”, “In My Dreams”, “Your Touch”, I had made the lyrics more about feelings, “My Reason” I wanted to create good pictures in this new song, and thanks to the beauty of my muse ☺ that was an easy task to accomplish, black long hair, a beautiful body, and not to mention the energy…

With time and in the evolution of the production “My Reason” incorporated other sounds of artists I had grown up with but also enjoyed like Bon Jovi, Mana, Def Leppard, Soda Stereo, Savage Garden, Roxette and many other influences, so when you hear “My Reason” you will hear a nice blend of bits and pieces of many artists I really liked throughout my musical growth.

Some of the best musicians from the music industry are part of the production of this song, the Drums were played by Lee Levin, The Bass was played by Richard Wolff, Keyboards by ex Tempano Iker Gastaminza who is also the producer and mixing engineer for the song, the guitarist is Alejandro Garcia and the mastering was done by Mike Couzzi.

Iker would always say to me, “a song is as good as its worst element”, so having such great musicians behind the production, pushes us as artists to deliver the best intention and vocal performance possible. But the best way is to judge for yourself, take listen and I would love to hear your comments on My Reason. If you would like to checkout “My Reason” just click here

I wish you all the best !

In My Dreams Album by Daniel Zapata

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