Rock and Pop

Is Rock dead? Has the electronic, drum, girly dance music taken over the radio to leave rock lovers in the borderline of visiting a graveyard? We are going to dive in a little on the Rock and Pop scene

Rock and Pop

Considering how awesome the Rolling Stones still are and how much Justin Bieber is not as cool as rock and roll, its sad to think how much Rock and Pop have become apart nowadays. At least a while back Michael Jackson would stand out with excellent songs in the Pop world but there was a balanced counterpart and radio had a cool mix of both, Rock and Pop artists. Today turning on a radio station is like going to a teenage girls candy store where everything sounds the same, and obviously it may sound as an offense to young crowds who may say, “how can you compare Taylor swift with Rihanna or Katy Perry…oh my god… “ but the truth of the matter is that there where times when we had Ann Wilson and Pat Benatar and other cool rock and roll female artists, now variety has gone down the drain and every other artist is just trying to imitate whatever the previous hit song sounded like.

Much of this electronic trend where music has fluctuated to has many factors that contribute to our current state of listening to music. Drug consumption has evolved from coke and LSD to ecstasy and other pills where only the beat of an electronic drum will give the right amount of stimulation to make taking the drug even worthwhile. I am not saying that there are “Rock Drugs” and “Pop and dance drugs”, because if anything drugs in general deteriorate music and the concept of music, what I am saying is that many young crowds do go to a dance DJ concert to feel the hype and jump up and down after they’ve had a bunch of pills.

In a Rock Band you would see the Bass player do a solo or the guitarist would drop his pick, pick it back up and keep soloing, Flee from Red Hot Chili Peppers would come out on stage in a hand stand, there is Music and a show where the contributors each had something to put to the table to entertain. Now it’s just a guy moving his head back and forth with his set of headphones, and I think that’s cool, but we shouldn’t be killing our options.

Free Mp3 Music downloads have become so normal, that to invest in producing music with live musicians seams a waste of time and energy when people are not going to value the hard work that a live recording implies and are going to look for pirate mp3 anyway, And when all you need is one DJ to fill up a 300 thousand people stadium vs. hiring a live band and dealing with 10 to 12 musicians, it’s a no brainer where the music industry is looking to lay its eggs.

The chance new live music really stands is to become part of a solution that is not only for music, but also for everything else which is: good education. Getting young people involved in the creation of music and valuing the beauty that comes with the practice of an instrument and the enjoyment of teamwork is nowadays a key factor in laying down the basis for future bands to stand a chance.

The culture of paying for music and learning to value artists efforts is important to certain degree. Just like for many business men it may be hard to sing any note in key or even come up with a song, its many times hard for a musician to be an expert in business, but when both come together, magic happens, because each person brings their strength into the equation, and with a good team a correct message can be put out to the public which is that for Creators to be able to continue creating, they also have to put food on the table.

Not that bands and artists do not have to do their part to understand the trends of society and the evolution of times, that’s also part of the balance, but music lived the high part of being a extremely overvalued and a producer could make 300K per track, to be an extremely undervalued (music buying wise) and now is a time to come to a balance, where rock and pop bands need to be conscious of what they are living and strive to create consciousness in their concerts and with their crowds of the importance of valuing music.

A great song is a great song in any way, and when its powerful people will do whatever to hear it and specially will look to enjoy it in a concert, but what most people do not know is that after a song is created the marketing of that song, even if it’s a smash hit is a key and extremely expensive part of the equation, so if a lot of money was invested in producing a great album and videos, what’s left for marketing? And back to making cheap electronic music.

What makes a Great Rock song, if it’s not the awesome drums and seeing the drummer live do his thing, where it means putting his whole body and coordination into pounding beats, an awesome bass that just coordinates and gives rhythm the right tone. Just between these two instruments and musicians there’s so much power, hours of rehearsals to make a solid foundation for a song , that to listen to a good Bass and a good drum is a treat in itself. Then you sum up the piano, or keyboards and all the combos that fill the room to top it off with awesome guitars and killer vocals. All these elements make Rock a great thing to listen to, and don’t get me wrong, I like a good Dj and an electronic party once in a while and for the right time its cool.

So in order for us to be able to enjoy new bands with drive and with a little more punch in their artistic delivery, we must go to other channels of music distribution, not only radio, check out your local live venues and see who’s playing, check out indie music and become a supporter of new artists, because if you give music a chance it will always reward you, those artists will strive to continue creating great songs for you and will make you part of their musical journey and life.

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