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Aside from being a great genre on its own, Spanish Rock does have its own subset of genres that people tend to listen all the time. This music is all about innovation and bringing in front new possibilities to the listeners. The evolution of Spanish Rock throughout the decades was quite an interesting one and it brought great songs into the mix, but most of the time the artists created music that fell into a specific set of genres. Here we are going to list some of the most popular and check them out!

Spanish Rock

Alternative rock

The alternative rock music which pertains to Spanish Rock started in the late 70s and it only grew from there. Seeing the influences from outside the country, artists have started to emerge and bring in front their own touch to the genre as a whole. This managed to offer a more creative, diverse and fun rock genre that up to this date still manages to be very popular and filled with amazing ideas.

But alternative rock isn’t the only major genre in Spanish Rock. In fact, heavy metal has managed to become even more popular especially starting with the 90s when numerous bands were bringing in front cool, exciting possibilities. The music groups that pertained to heavy metal are amazing and filled with great opportunities, and the great thing about them is that they managed to influence this type of music in amazing ways for sure.

What you will like about the multiple Spanish Rock is definitely the overall diversity, but the heavy metal genre definitely takes the reigns by being very aggressive, yet somewhat it’s also pleasant and it does offer some really nice opportunities in the long run.

Indie rock

The 80s and 90s also created another genre in the form of indie rock. The indie rock is basically where creativity is free to roam and thus numerous bands felt attracted to it. You can find lots of indie rock bands being active up to this day, and that definitely manages to offer some amazing possibilities.

Pop rock music

Less heavy but still with a good touch of rock, the pop rock music became very popular in the 2000s and it continues to boost up quite a lot of commercial success.

Progressive and punk rock

These two subgenres are still boosting a lot of fans just because they offer a really exciting, diverse type of music that does offer great creative possibilities.

Post rock

The post rock might not be the most creative type of Spanish Rock music, but it is one of the best, and this clearly shows the amazing possibilities that you can find in this genre.

Spanish rock does have plenty of cool rock moments and it does bring in front cool possibilities. These Spanish Rock categories have shown that there is a lot of power to be had in this great genre, and we can only hope that more great results can come in time!

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Indie rock is widely known all over the world, and when you combine Spanish rock into the mix as well, the result can be wonderful and truly extraordinary to be honest. This is why we have created a list with some of the best indie rock bands out there, bands that will impress you with their sounds and great details.


Nudozurdo is a great band because they offer acoustic music and some really good influences. All of these add up in order to deliver an amazing, refreshing sound that you will enjoy just because it’s fresh, different and a whole lot of fun.

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro

They are a fresh band and despite the very strange name they do offer a great mix of 80s music combined with fresh lyrics and a whole lot of cool mechanics. It’s a pleasure to listen to their music because it’s new, unseen and definitely interesting.

Los Planetas

They might be an old band, but they always innovate and the music that they bring in front is really good all the time. They helped the Spanish indie rock scene and they still manage to offer great songs despite being quite old in the industry.


Bigott delivers a strange music but also a very interesting one as well. He has delivered 6 albums and he continues to deliver some extraordinary music all the time. A musician that progresses and which offers great opportunities for enjoying your time, he is definitely one to take a look at!

The New Raemon

The New Raemon is run by a single person but despite that he does manage to deliver some really interesting songs all around. The music is suave most of the time, but he also has a dark,, electric and rough music that’s enjoyable all the same.


Toundra delivers amazing instrumental rock that breaks the boundaries and offers maybe some of the best musical pieces in the indie rock scene that Spain has. They do innovate all the time and all their albums are fresh, filled with cool ideas and amazing potential.

Sr. Chinarro

Sr. Chinarro is definitely one of the older names on the indie scene but definitely as interesting as you might expect. He has a great sense of humor in all his musical pieces and the best part about his music is that he does integrate his flamenco roots that deliver a fresh, cool music!

Julio de la Rosa

Julio de la Rosa is known for being a front man of El Hombre Burbuja but she also started a great career in a solo manner, and her music is just as amazing and fun to listen to.

If you want to learn more about the Spanish indie rock scene, then these are the names you should check out right now. Filled with great ideas and interesting music, the indie rock in Spain is really impressive, so you should totally give it a shot right now, you will enjoy it!

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