Spanish Rock Is Always Evolving

Spanish Rock is always evolving and the best thing about it is that it manages to offer countless great possibilities to people of all ages. There’s no particular age to start playing Spanish Rock, and that’s what makes it so refined and filled with potential. It’s an amazing genre, one that had tons of great artists supporting it all over the years, and here are some of the best!

Al Berkowitz
Al Berkowitz is a great band that started in 2006 and since then they created multiple albums that pertain to experimental rock, space and psychedelic rock. The musical mix they offer is stunning and it does deliver some great musical pieces that are amazing!

Héroes del Silencio
Héroes del Silencio was very popular in the 80s and 90s, that’s why they reunited in 2007 for a little bit as well. They played rock and post punk as well as hard rock, and they were one of the groups with major success when it comes to Spanish rock.

Los Flechazos
Los Flechazos was a mod band in the 80s and 90s which focused on maintaining a musical style that was closer to the British style of that era. They also integrated some neat, exciting mechanics that managed to offer new possibilities in the long run.

Local 9
Local 9 is all about hard rock and heavy metal. They delivered multiple great CDs since 2006 and they continue do to so with great success and amazing results!

Los Brincos
Many consider Los Brincos as being the Beatles of Spanish rock. Their music is legendary and managed to offer an astounding success. Even if they lasted for a decade or so, their music was very good and it still influences people from all over the world as we speak.

Even if they are in hiatus at the time of this writing, this good gothic metal rock band has some amazing music and great influences that bring some really nice influences as a whole. Stravaganzza is one of the bands to watch if you want something revolutionary and fresh!

El Viaje de Rose
El Viaje de Rose comes with a combination of funk, pop, blues, pop-rock and so on. It’s something that offers great possibilities and great experiences that you will enjoy for sure.

Los Rodríguez
Even if the band played in the 90s, they were some of the best at their time because they provided a mix of blues and rock that no one has ever seen until them.
Should you try out the Spanish rock and these amazing bands? Of course, because they offer some really interesting possibilities and great experiences that you can enjoy. It’s really exciting to see the history of rock being paved b these Spanish Rock bands, so you should totally give them a try if you are into this type of music, you will love them guaranteed!

en mi sueños

Spanish Rock is a term that’s used for tagging rock music created in Spain, and which is not the same with Spanish language rock that can be created anywhere in the world. In fact, the Spanish Rock can be interpreted in Spanish, Italian or French among many other languages, and all of these include a variety of emotions and expressions that fare deep into the Spanish culture.
The beginnings of Spanish Rock are in the 1950s and as you would expect it did get an influence from the other countries in the region which include Italy of France. Even if it was a Francoist censorship, a variety of albums were released and mass media started to introduce new sounds in mass media music. Some of the major Spanish Rock scenes at the time were Sevilla, Madrid and Valencia alongside many others.

With the beginnings out of the way, the first Golden Era appeared. This is when the rock started to spread in a national manner. artists such as Lone Star, Los Brincos and Los Bravos appeared, and at first they were a result of the British Invasion. Some of these bands had international success in the nearby countries and Los Bravos actually hit the international charts with great success.
The first decline started to take place in the 70s but this is also the time when the underground scenes started to emerge, with rock urbano and progressive rock emerging at a rapid pace. The Andalusian rock started to appear right around this time and some punk rock ideas were also provided during this time. Thankfully, some bands like Leno managed to pioneer the urban rock movement and alongside other artists they managed to lead Spanish Rock towards the second golden era.
This happened in the 80s when new bands like Eskorbuto or La Polla Records started to emerge. Some other rock bands such as Radio Futura, Nacha Pop, Los Secretos and many others started to bring in front new possibilities for this music. The Spanish Rock actually started to grow and bring in front some really nice ideas, all of which added up in order to create an exciting, truly extraordinary and fun experience.

From the 90s and up until now the Spanish Rock has managed to provide great international hits and it has no plans on stopping. In fact, bands like Heroes del Silencio, Extremoduro or Los Planetas have managed to further diversify the uniqueness of this genre and with great success to be honest.

Where is Spanish Rock leading now? It’s very hard to say, but the only way is up for this great genre. With more countries being interested in Spanish Rock, we are seeing a cultural emergence and one that will surely benefit the users! It’s really good to see such a thing spread and take a life on its own, so we can easily say that the future is bright for Spanish Rock!

Juan Sepets – A Contributor Writer for Daniel Zapata site.

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