Your Touch

If there’s a song with a cool story it is the story of “Your Touch” because more than a story about a song it is a story on friendship.

One of my best friends from school who later became one of the key people in my career’s name is Santiago, when we were young we would hang out, talk about girls and love, but one of the cool things about Santi is that he would always ask me to sing my songs and he would sing them with me at full lung capacity.


In one of my episodes and break ups with a girlfriend I wrote a song with the sad breakup theme in the lyrics, so the funny thing is that “your touch” didn’t start out as a song for the “girl you like”, the first version was for a break up and the chorus said “Don’t say you love me, your words are lies, now your kisses belong to another and I stopped caring” . And when we would meet up with friends and they would ask me to sing, Santi would always say “Dani, play the song I like”, “Man you should record that song” he would say, so when I began the production of “In My Dreams”, that was definitely one of the songs that made the cut.

I always wanted “In My Dreams” to be a Musical, I had already written “Everyday” which was the song referring to “day to day” love and “In my Dreams” which was the Girl of your dreams song, so I used the melody of the song Santi liked to be the part of my story, the part when you see the girl of your dreams in flesh and blood. When I told Santi the idea and showed him the new version, he loved it as much and said that it sounded more appealing to the general public.

At the time I was going thru a rough patch with life after my sisters death, music was where i found a place to channel my energy, my budget for production was zero at the moment and I didn’t know how to keep going. When I told Santi, without even blinking he said “Dani I want you to record that song, how much do we need” and he then became the first person to support me not just with a pat on the shoulder or with “you sing great!” Santi was the first to believe in me and Is still one of the most important people in my Music career, we now have Expomusica together to help artists and our bond is that of a brother, he is someone I know I can count on and he knows that he can count on me and he has become and extremely successful Mechanical Engineer and businessman.

In history, Artists have had people with skills to make money to support them, and in my case Santi has been not just a friend, a brother but an engine that thanks to him who was the first to support my career financially and others that came afterwards that have believed in me that have made it possible to reach wherever I am today and to create music for those who enjoy my work.

Every single artist out there that plays has Financial support, be it friends, family or a Record label, but just like any other area, music needs budgets and very high ones once you understand the business, so people like Santi and that we don’t know about are as important as the artist themseleves and that is why I want to acknowledge their importance and thank every person who in one way or the other supports the creative process.

The ultimate investors are known today as record labels, but nowadays they require many steps and guarantees before signing an artist, so people like Santi are crucial in giving artists a chance to make it.

“Your Touch” became a number one single for three weeks in several Colombian cities like Medellin and Monteria, and it is the song that will always belong to my brother and friend Santiago.


I hope you liked this post and i Cant wait to hear your comments

All the best !!!

In My Dreams Album by Daniel Zapata

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